I am writing about Windows Live Writer within Windows Live Writer. Hence the post title.

Okay, bad jokes aside, this post is dedicated to showing you guys how I usually blog. Well, for the fun of it and I think that it might help some of you. Hopefully?


This is how it looks like when I’m writing a post. I can insert images very quickly, format it in anyway I want pretty easily. Uh, then I can change the size or colours of the words pretty easily with h1 to h6 tags

like this

Or this

With just one click.

I can set, remove hyperlinks pretty easily too.

Create lines like these.

Perhaps the function that I like the most is that the tags are all saved and that when I start typing they will help me autocomplete. Here’s an example.


So yeah, it makes tagging a post pretty easy and all.

Actually, the most important thing to me is that all of these happen offline. I like to work within an application. I’m used to alt + tabbing. When I’m using a browser it just gets distracting somehow.

I’ll sum it up for ya.

Uploading image is a breeze. (since you don’t have to wait for it one by one)
Tagging is easy.
It’s offline.

So yeah, here’s the link if you feel like trying (: