I am writing about Windows Live Writer within Windows Live Writer. Hence the post title.

Okay, bad jokes aside, this post is dedicated to showing you guys how I usually blog. Well, for the fun of it and I think that it might help some of you. Hopefully?


This is how it looks like when I’m writing a post. I can insert images very quickly, format it in anyway I want pretty easily. Uh, then I can change the size or colours of the words pretty easily with h1 to h6 tags

like this

Or this

With just one click.

I can set, remove hyperlinks pretty easily too.

Create lines like these.

Perhaps the function that I like the most is that the tags are all saved and that when I start typing they will help me autocomplete. Here’s an example.


So yeah, it makes tagging a post pretty easy and all.

Actually, the most important thing to me is that all of these happen offline. I like to work within an application. I’m used to alt + tabbing. When I’m using a browser it just gets distracting somehow.

I’ll sum it up for ya.

Uploading image is a breeze. (since you don’t have to wait for it one by one)
Tagging is easy.
It’s offline.

So yeah, here’s the link if you feel like trying (:

How to change your Logon Background

Okay, there are many many ways to do it.

You can go into your windows system and change it directly. (kind of a hassle)


You can use tuneup utilities 2011. There’s an option in that program to change it.


The simplest way (the way I’m using). Is to use this little program called.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer

( link )

You just need to navigate to that folder where you keep your images. Choose it, click apply and that’s it!

One thing to note though, the… Logon is kind of tied to the themeui.dll file. So when you change your visual style. It will revert to the default logon, then you need to change again. It’s nothing much, but I just thought I’ll say it just in case you get shocked why it suddenly changed.

You don’t need admin rights to run this. (it’s just inserting an image after all)

So yep, have fun customizing your logon screen!

p.s. this is the 803th post! 

Wireless File Transfer

Alright, this is a really really simple “tip” for Android (and possibly iPhone users)

So as you know, bluetooth doesn’t really play well with Android when trying to transfer files between your computer and your phone. So, the easiest way to do it, is to get an app that makes your phone into a FTP server, then you can access the files through your browser.

For Android, there is an app from the market called

Wireless File Transfer Pro

It is really easy to use. You just need to turn on your wifi, connect to your home network. And when you turn it on, it will provide you with an IP address that you can type in.

So you just need to enter  in your browser and you can access all your files there. As simple as that. Yes you can also upload your files. (the ip will change so don’t just blindly copy mine lol)

It’s way faster than bluetooth, and less hassle than the stupid usb cable.

For iPhone users, just search for an app that allows you to turn your phone into a FTP server. (FTP = File Transfer Protocol) So yeah, it pretty much explains itself.

Have fun with wireless file transfers! ^^

Careful when downloading free apps

So. I’ve read an interesting little article.

How-To Geek

Well, it doesn’t affect me but it might for some people out there. So basically, you know you’re so used to downloading free applications, those open source stuffs. Just to list a few examples.

VLC Player

Sometimes, the top link has been “hijacked” to make you believe that it’s the real website when actually it’s not. To make things simpler, here’s an image.

Image courtesy of how-to geek

As you can see, because it’s an advertisement, it occupies the first link in the search. If you’re not careful, you might end up downloading some random program/virus that could potentially do harm to your computer.

Basically, from now on, please double check before you download anything. And maybe next time if you want to share a new app with your friend, give them the direct link rather than asking them to google it for themselves. Also, this seems to happen with bing and yahoo search as well. People say that installing ad-block helps but meh, I don’t believe in anything that slows my browser down.

Anyway, it seems that these  links either happen on random, or it’s based on your geolocation. So well, if it doesn’t happen to you then great. Do help to spread the word about this potential threat (:

Geek tips: Always backup

Well, I just made a cup of coffee, at… 1:30AM. So I thought, let’s get back to my roots and write something related to computers. So, when it comes to hard drives,

Failure is not an option.

Of course in the case of my grades failure is always an option, I should probably work harder. So anyway, there was this international backup day but I didn’t bother to write a proper post about it. But I did read a heck lot of websites that give you rather, good ways of backing up. I’m just going to pick and choose the few that I think is more practical.

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Geek – Cleaning myths

As promised, here’s the post about the myths of computer cleaning.


ONE. Cleaning your registry

Honestly, it does more harm than good. If you have been using programs that scans and tells you what registry you don’t need and says that you should delete them, you’ve probably ran into errors here and there before.

THAT, is the cause of it. First and foremost, the freeware that we use isn’t smart enough to know what is good to go or stay. Many of a time, just because a certain registry value isn’t called upon by a program, it doesn’t mean that it’s TOTALLY ok to remove it. (eg. Spybot, CCleaner. Don’t get me wrong, they are useful in their own ways)

Though, if you’re smart enough, it DOES help speed up your computer. HOWEVER. I would NOT recommend this to anyone.

Fix? Defrag your registry instead.

That would provide a much safer way of cleaning your system. (though honestly? it would take many months/years for that to slow down your computer)

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Geek – keep your computer clean

Alright, I don’t know why I’m writings this at this ungodly hour, but hey, when inspiration comes, you just have to embrace it don’t cha?

As the title suggest, I’ll be giving tips on how to keep your computer running as clean as possible. (which means as fast as it can be)

p.s. I will be writing this specifically for windows 7. If you’re running older versions of windows, it should still be applicable to a certain extent.

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