Exams are oh-val

Yes, in case you’re wondering if I’m on hiatus, no I’m not. I just happened to be busy celebrating the end of my exams, as well as Teacher’s day today.


I’m probably going to be broke this month.

Okay wait, not the point, I forgot what I was going to say. But let’s see, I plan to get a new camera soon. I will do an extensive post on it once I get it. Probably going to take a look at it tomorrow and see if there’s any good offers at Comex.

Oh well, before I know it it’s already 1130. I’m pretty darn tired right now. Met up with a couple of ahs friends this afternoon. (a little wasted that I didn’t go back to AHS, didn’t know that got so many went back) oh well.

Anyway, I’ll end this with a lol image.


Studying my butt off

I am… So damn tired.

Been studying for.. I don’t know, about 4hours? I know I know, it’s not that much compared to some of you muggers out there. But you must know something,

“I am inherently lazy.”

Anyway, as a geek, there must be some interesting ways that I study right? rightttt.

Encryption _2011-08-22_18-45-18

That’s only for.. half a chapter. Man, encryption is one heck of a tiring thing to study. spectrum_2011-08-22_18-50-01frame_2011-08-22_18-49-48

I have like… 13 of such. And I’m not even close to done yettttt. Omfggggg. So an@l.

Well, I better get back to it if I don’t want to fuck this up badly. I’m going to take that fucking Dip+ no matter what.

Back to AHS again!

Yes soccer again, but the difference this time is.

Today is ridiculously tiring, and I’ve got a lot more pictures for you guys to enjoy.


It started fine and sunny. (sunny in the sense of TOO MUCH SUN)

Okay first off, who the fuck plays 5 goals per game, and best of 5 games. What the fuck. Minimum 15 goals in order to win the game. We played from 3+ till 7. I swear everyone died playing that crazy game. I gave up about half way cause well… I can’t do shit like that!

I still stayed in the game and just jog / pass the ball around.

But of course, what’s the point of saying these things, the important stuff is the pictures! And I have quite a few awesome ones. Let’s start with this!

2011-08-21 18.16.44

Then I decided to go to the enter and take one as well

2011-08-21 18.17.48

2011-08-21 18.18.16

We played and played, all the way till evening. (and we still didn’t finish the whole game)


2011-08-21 19.11.37

It was fun I guess. but way waaayyy too tiring for a normal person. The sun totally pwned us today. I’m pretty sure I became quite a bit darker =/

Anyway, I shall end this post with the image I’m most proud of (:

2011-08-21 18.17.31

p.s It’s all taken with my SGS


Um, had a terrible headache last night. Couldn’t sleep well. My body is aching all over and I’m feeling lethargic. So yes, I feel like banging my head against the wall. I’m so tired I’m literally in a twisted up position, lying on my bed, cocking my head to one side, typing. Um, off to do my work. I’ll find smth to post tmr. Ciaos.


Not feeling it


As you can see from the image, this is kind of what I’m feeling at the moment.

The weather is nice and cooling, I’m rather sleep and all. So I don’t have the mood to do anything other than rolling around in my bed. Anyway, I’m having my last paper tomorrow and my exams will officially be over! (then I’ll get back the mood to blog)

So well, I guess many people have ended their exams today, most tomorrow and the remaining next week. All the best and congrats to all of you! ^^

Alright, since I don’t really have any content to write about, here’s a couple of articles that you might be interested in.

Fascinating facts about internet sex.

How to prolong lithium based batteries.

The Who, Why and How of Twitter.

Apple Icons, secret hidden meanings hidden in plain sight.

I think I should start bookmarking more links like these, so that, well, I can share with you guys. I close 99% of the articles that I read. So I only remember bits and pieces. Oh well, last paper let’s go!



Finally it has ended! FINALLY.

The 4 days of torture has finally ended. I only sold 2 today but that’s not the point I guess. I don’t have the motivation to work at all. And I’m just writing this so that I can make it before 12am! The real post that I really wanted to write about will take some time and will probably be out at 1am?

Either way, here’s a video to kind of make this stupid post more bearable.

1 last day to go

Man, it’s really tiring trying to rush out a post when I get home.

But still, I’m really awesome so I can do this. Before I start on anything I’ll just post up a random cute video.

Awww, 2 babies sneezing at the same time? That’s cute. 

So anyway, sold 4 today. It’s as boring as usual. There’s slightly more crowd but in the end, there’s not a lot of people. Still, it’s as noisy as fuck. I think I’ll try to record the sound tomorrow and post it up if I could. It’s really really annoying to go through such loud, irritating noises for prolonged periods of time.

I slacked lesser today. A lot lesser. But time seems to be passing faster. (thanks to more people?)

Okay, I know I keep doing certain movement. That’s cause I’m practicing a move for skates. It might look a little weird to other people but well screw it. I’m probably not going to see you again, you won’t remember me and I really have nothing to do anyway. So for my own reference’s sake, I was training my toe toe strength and getting my balance for J-turn. I’m pretty sure I can do it once I get on the skates. Well, I’ll find out once this stupid PC show is over.

The other part is that there’s a post that I want to write. It’s pretty long and I doubt I can finish it by rushing like this. So this is a reminder for myself. I am going to write something about normality.

Okay, I’ll get something else up after I bathe. (YES, I managed to get this in before 12 ^^ )