What do you do when you have too much time & money?

You do this.

Print a frame from a video.

And repeat that until you’re done with the video. And finally putting them in place and taking a picture of the picture. Making the entire thing into a video again and post it on youtube.

Totally pointless, but hey, we NEED people like these.


A bunch of videos

I found so many interesting videos yesterday and today, I feel a little retarded to post them separately, so here’s a whole bunch of them!


Now I can finally close off all the tabs.

Rage quit!

Just a video today.

Busy busy, tired, forgot, time to sleep. School tomorrow.


Films of 2010

Well, not the entire list but still a heck lot. Not only that, it was compiled in a rather awesome way. So yeah, it’s a little long but do check it out.

Black Ops

Alright, I’m really tired. But uh, this video is dedicated to you guys. You definitely know if it’s you. BLOPS.

A day well spent

Lol. This guy is seriously. Damn bored. Replay if you don’t get it.

Canon in D


Okay, this is just beyond awesome. I never knew the original canon piece was like this. But it just made me fall in love with that piece again 😀