Epic Docs Animation

Google really churns up some really cool demos man.


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Megan Fox, I knew it

I wish this happened to me

Come on man, who wouldn’t want the entire airport singing for your return? That’s just awesome.

You see…

This goes to illustrate that, you don’t need good equipment to capture a good piece of media.

In case you haven’t noticed, this entire film is shot on a phone.
-Nokia N8

What makes a good film?
Good videography techniques. Good angle shots.

What’s the most important thing of all?


It’s the same with images. Of course, photography is to be debated upon as there are many philosophies about. But there’s no way round videography, post editing, be it effects, to make it look more surreal.

Of course, the before the effects and stuffs, comes the proper video cutting and stuffs to make it look professional.

Oh well.

That’s awesome.

Lip sync win

[side by side comparison]

This guy has some crazy good timing.

We’re doomed


[the song is by ELT – deatta koro no youni (Like when we met) ]

In case you REALLY haven’t noticed, it’s a robot ok?

Okay, please ignore the 4 hot babes behind. But seriously. This is, just ridiculously amazing.

To see the development over the years, go youtube or just search online for


By the way, though the song was original by ELT(every little thing), in the video, it was synthesised by a program called Vocaloid, so basically everything about it is basically computerized. NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL AWESOME.