If you haven’t watched Numbnuts, you should


Not the most painful forfeit, but, one of the most ridiculous challenge.

I like how everything just goes back and forth. Anyway, enjoy (:


THINK exhibit: technology is awesome

Now that is some ridiculously cool technology.

I wouldn’t mind staying in the room for the entire day if that’s the way I’m going to learn new stuffs.


Experience Zero Gravity

Done by the same group of people who did Experience Human Flight

As usual, it’s spectacular and captivating. Could not take my eyes off the screen when I watch it. It’s a definite must watch. Makes me feel like filming things as well. If things goes as planned, I should be getting my camera tomorrow (:

Every argument every couple had

Well. I’m sure you’ll find at least some of it familiar. Unless you never had a…

Still, you would still have watched TV, movies and stuffs. So yeah. Unless you’re a lifeless b-…

Well, regardless, enjoy (:

Balls of steel

No I will never do that.

And yes, what the fuck?! 


If life is in slow motion…

Well, I just think that everything looks FRICKIN awesome when you slow them down by many many times. It’s that exquisite feeling of weightlessness.


Epitome of slalom

Lol. I really got nothing to say

When 4 world champions gather together, you know it’s gonna be a blast.