Who’s afraid of Mr. Greedy?

Well, I don’t really get the point of this, but it’s a pretty good animations.

I find myself fascinated by gore recently.

Rabbits travel in time

Alright, I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before. But I’m really kinda too tired to check.

So um, wednesday is my training day and well… It pretty much took all of my energy outta my body. So I feel like a jelly wobbling around right now. Maybe I’ll feel a little better to blog later. But BUT. I have a ton of work to finish and all the new animes to watch so… well… =/


Never knew how beautiful volcanic eruptions are

This is a breath taker.

Of course, if you breathe in something like that then you’ll definitely die. Still, it is hauntingly beautiful in ways I can’t explain. Enjoy the 6mins of ash falling onto earth on May 21st, 2011.

Ninja Water

Sorry I don’t know what other title I can give to this.┬áBut it’s really, like, holyshit water can do that?

Like I’ve said, everything looks good in slow-mo, even falling down. (in fact that looks the most painful beautiful)


The Plot Device

Great video, great concept.

Must watch. Pretty cool. Shows what you can do with some creativity even with limited budget! I watched the behind the scenes and screenshot a really lol moment.


How green is your data?

We just keep using our computers and we forget about how much we’re actually polluting the environment.

Let’s hope that this serves as a reminder!


This is a video a guy did for his graduation film.

Pretty frickin awesome. Totally captured that feeling of falling through the sky. Really makes me feel like flying. Or falling, but you know, more of the former and without dying.