Cisco Netrider 2011 Singapore

211086_229057823800631_5420601_nI went for a networking competition today. Which honestly feels just like an exam, just, levels harder. 60mins is given for 100 questions, followed by 90mins given for practical. (network simulation)

So judging by the lack of prizes, I probably didn’t do very well.

In fact it’s a total waste of time.


There were more participants than I expected. 210 to be exact.

Anyway, I said it’s a waste of time because all almost all the prizes (if not all) went to Nanyang Polytechnic. … annoying.

The other reason is that, they didn’t release our scores.

I mean like, fine, I don’t mind not winning, BUT AT LEAST TELL US HOW WELL WE DID. WE SPENT 150MINS DOING THAT FUCKING TEST.

Either way, I learnt that there are many things that I haven’t learn. So well, on to another arduous learning journey. I’m finally free for a day this week.

edit: I forgot to post this picture up! this was during the prize presentation and there was a drum performance

Eclipse madness

So… I was doing some cleaning up today for my room. So.. since I’m cleaning up everything, I thought, what the heck, let’s just count them and take a picture since the last time I did that was probably 10months ago.



A whopping total of 48 cans in total.

Since each one of them packs an awesome 50 Mints. It’s a total of 2400!

Not bad. Not bad at all…

Waste of time.


That’s a very straight forward venn diagram.