Yam Ah Mee Presidential Club Mix

Fuck yeah he’s back!

HAHHAHAA. I didn’t mange to watch the live broadcast yesterday though. But hey, it’s not everyday that we get a new president lol.


Gulp: The world’s largest stop motion animation, shot on N8

Come on, that is pretty darn fantastic. And a freaking waste of time. So well, you must be interested to watch the making of.

Telemarketing win

Ah. Too bad these things ain’t common anymore.

Car escape, like a boss

Okay I think that I will be home late again today. So here’s a post first. The rest will come later on. Most probably after 12?

Badass reporter

Okay what’s up with the world. This is seriously one badass reporter.

ALRIGHT, SLEEP. At least I got a video up. The rest for tomorrow! (during class)

Never give up

The, perfect example of what life is.

It doesn’t matter if you fall, just stand up and keep trying.

Apple: The next iDea


Ohhhh, such a good troll.

Okay, so apparently, I can’t embed this. Sigh.