Windows XP is getting older

Rusty Windows XP

[via 9GAG]

Here’s a few articles that proved to be a good read. (note: geeky)


[via technet]

It’s a pretty good article that shows us how crafty some hackers are. I mean, like really, well hidden (but in your face) kind of attacks.


And um, this video from Jalopnik. The video in question is this,

Which is cool and everything, but, really, click on the link and look at the comments. It’s way, waaaaay better. In fact, do it. I guarantee laughter. (note: nsfw)

Last but not least, the combination of Mario and Portals

Honestly, if this game out I’ll definitely get it. It’s so damn bloody cool!! (okay now give me sometime to change those links into videos)


Geek – keep your computer clean

Alright, I don’t know why I’m writings this at this ungodly hour, but hey, when inspiration comes, you just have to embrace it don’t cha?

As the title suggest, I’ll be giving tips on how to keep your computer running as clean as possible. (which means as fast as it can be)

p.s. I will be writing this specifically for windows 7. If you’re running older versions of windows, it should still be applicable to a certain extent.

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