We all love youtube’s close caption

I have to say, that is pretty darn interesting.

From today onwards, if you say “PARALLEL TO COLLECT!”, no one will know wtf you’re saying. Except us of course ^^


Youtube gets serious about copyrights

Well, as you’ve known for awhile now, youtube has been removing all copyright materials in youtube. And it seems like things are gonna get worse with this campaign that they’re launching.

They’re going to make you waste 5mins of your life if you upload a copyrighted video.

And, after watching that video, it feels a lot of those videos that we’re used to seeing won’t be posted anymore. I mean yeah, it’s detrimental for the content creators, but with all this restrictions it feels like we’re moving back to the DRM world. Oh well. I don’t really upload anything except for stealing content form here and there. I ALWAYS PROVIDE A LINK BACK THOUGH. Or at least a link to the source. Most All of the time.

So yeah, enjoy this 5mins of Youtube education 😀

[ via YouTube Blog ]

YTSO 2011 has ended


So yeah. Probably the most epic orchestra I’ve heard.

Too bad I missed  the last part when I went for dinner just now. Anyway, it’s on replay right now (the full thing) So you head on down to youtube to view it.


Click past the break for more epic screenshots.

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Live stream Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011


It’s currently live streaming. Go watch it if you’re online. Pretty cool.


The first piece features a guy from Singapore. Think he was playing a… Bassoon? Not sure.  Anyway, go SG! 😀

Youtube lagging

Okay uh. I wanted to write about this but I totally forgot the name of it.

Anyway, if you noticed that youtube has been lagging in the past few days. It’s because they are doing something to their servers. Or hosting some shit. I can’t remember what it exactly is. But it’ll cause some people to connect slower. At least it’s a lot slower for me.

So well, it should be okay soon? Latest by the end of the month I guess. So yes, sorry for posting up all these youtube videos LOL.

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This made me smile. Alot (:

Must watch.